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Drum Dryer Web

Introduction of Drum Dryer

  • ﹒Drum dryer, is a continuously indirect heating style dryer. The basic mechanism is using a liquid feeder to spread the liquid or paste based material to be dried onto the surface at steam heating drum, and allow them to rotate together after half of the cycle, then uses a scraper to scrap off the dried membrane adhered on the drum surface, and place the dried membrane to a conveyor and transfer to the crusher to make into flake or powder form.

  • ﹒In most of manufacturing process, drying is considered the more costly part. But in relative to other drying method, our drum style dryer has the advantages of lower investment cost, and low energy consumption. Its machine structure is simple, but with superior capability, and machine is easy to install and operate, no special staff training required.

  • ﹒During processing, water evaporation consumes about 1. 2 - 1. 4 kilo of steam per kilo water, heating efficiency reaches level of 70 - 80 % , and aside from small amount of dust occurred, there will no more second contamination, which fulfills the high demand of environmental protection requirement today.

  • ﹒Our drum dryer is classified into single drum and double drum style, and double drum is further divided into same direction rotating style and opposite direction rotating style.


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